Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Hail and Farewell!


As the second COVID year, 2021, ends, so is this blog.  Having reached the advanced age of 86 and, more important, run out of appropriate topics about which to write, I am concluding any further contributions to this website.  

The site was initiated in April 2009 when I was introduced to and fascinated by the Internet possibilities.  Christened “Bottles, Booze, and Back Stories,” the blog initially was aimed primarily at collectors of antique ceramics, glass and other antiquarian artifacts, although a wide range of subjects was explored.  Several years ago the name was changed to “Memories and Miscellany” to reflect a growing emphasis on personal memories and family history.

Over the dozen years of its existence the site has featured 335 posts and as of today attracted 586,889 look-in “hits” from all around the world.  It has also received 327 comments, most of them gratifying or helpful.  My number of followers has been low, as expected given the eclectic subject matter.  Only nine signed up and the majority of them were relatives.

From what I am told, the blog will continue to be available on the internet for an extended period of time, allowing the interested to access it through topic “labels.”  I will continue to post on my other website, devoted to the stories of  individuals involved in the American liquor industry prior to National Prohibition in 1920. Called “Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Men,”  the site has been popular, attracting 1.2 milllion “hits” and 346 followers during its ten years of existence.

Looking back on my experience with the blog now concluding, it primarily seems to have been a convenient vehicle to express a wide range of interests in a way that would attract others of similar interests, as well as a means to preserve other writings not previously available online.   For anyone looking in during coming days, my hope is that you will find the material worth your time.  Jack Sullivan


  1. I just discovered your blog site and it's wonderful!! Sorry to get here so late!! I especially like your writing about Coventry flasks!! Take care, stay safe, be healthy!!! And thank you so much for leaving this behind!!!

  2. I, too, have come to your blog too late. I was following up on a tip about your piece on Jeremiah Vail, but I quickly was caught up in the political and diplomatic stories from your career. Thanks for your government service ... and for your delightful anecdotes! God speed, indeed.

  3. Some of us are (very) late to your party…but still found it enjoyable! Best wishes, and thanks.

  4. Hi, Jack!

    I stumbled across your blog when looking into the history of American Prohibition for a presentation on early 1920's cocktails. Loved the pieces on Uncle Sam's association with alcohol advertising. Hope you and yours are safe and well, thank you for your blog :)